Network and IT Support

Network and IT Support

An Introduction

to Nitel Network and IT Support

We provide support for you and your business in all areas of networking and IT. Everything you need for your business to have a stable platform to allow you to do what you do best.

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Local area networks (LAN)'s play a critical role in the communications infrastructure of almost any company. For even the smallest client, the LAN can be the life-blood of their business and its functionality has become as crucial to their operation as the telephone.

In a market segment where the technology is changing every twelve to eighteen months, LAN design can become a complex and confusing process. Even the most advanced users and IT organizations recognize the difficulty in staying abreast of the features and functionality of today’s local area networking equipment.

Nitel offers a wide range of network design services customized to our clients’ needs. With expertise in all local area networking technologies, and extensive server architecture knowledge, we can offer our clients designs that are optimally suited to their requirements.

What We Do

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but will give you an indication of how Nitel can help support your business with IT and networking.  We can provide:

Full IT Monitoring/Managed Services


Hardware and software procurement

Remote and On site Maintenance

Configuration Center integration

Of new and used hardware as well as repair, upgrades, data wipe, deployment, resale and salvage.

Inspiring Business Solutions

Hosted PBX

Sophisticated telephone systems without the big investment.

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Seamless communication systems for voice, video and mobile.

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Hi performance, reliable and fast wifi business solutions.

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